The MisAdventures of LoLo and MaeMae
How to Deal With Fake Friends (or Also Maybe Don’t) - Season 1, Episode 2

How to Deal With Fake Friends (or Also Maybe Don’t) - Season 1, Episode 2

September 4, 2019

Episode 2:

How to Deal with Fake Friends 

In this second episode LoLo and MaeMae happen to draw a semi-serious question out of the hat. (Thank you for that submission dear listeners!)

True to form LoLo tries to get away with a quick answer but MaeMae digs in a little deeper to work the question through. What comes out though will hopefully encourage you in your own friendships.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to deal with Fake Friends? YIKES! Oh yes….we went there.
  • What makes a real friend? And how can you tell the difference?
  • Why friendships may look different in different seasons
  • And a tough one: Working through permissions in friendships when it comes to dealing with hard things (We TOTALLY get all of you Mama Bears out there!)

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Staying in Your Pajamas (Meet LoLo and MaeMae) -Season 1, Episode 1

Staying in Your Pajamas (Meet LoLo and MaeMae) -Season 1, Episode 1

August 28, 2019

Take 20 minutes for yourself've earned it!

Meet LoLo and MaeMae. In this inaugural episode you'll learn the backstory:

  • Who We Are
  • How the MisAdventure Began
  • The How and Why behind drawing topics out of a hat
  • And what's in it for you! 

You'll also learn about:

  • the best tomato pie recipe of all times from Logan's longtime friend, Chef Vivian Howard's cookbook
  • how staying in your pajamas is a way to solidify friendship

LoLo is a Carolina Girl, MaeMae hails from Amish Country in Pennsylvania, and it took forcing themselves to clean their houses and the Frankenstorm blizzard of 2011 to bring them together. It's a story too random to be anything but providential and ridiculous enough to set the stage for everything else that has happened since. Every friend you've ever had was a stranger once and this is the story of us.

A Few links and things you might like from the show:

  • We do have an email address now! SO make sure you send us your topic ideas and thoughts to 
  • Also make sure you're following us on all the socials and subscribe to the Podcast so you never miss an episode!: @LoganLWolfram on Facebook and Instagram, @SarahMaeWrites on Instagram, and @SarahMae on Facebook
  • Sarah's book that started it all: Having a Martha Home the Mary Way:31 Days to Clean
  • Allume - The conference that brought us together (that's presently on an extended break.) You can still listen to old speaker sessions though!
  • Vivian Howard's Tomato Pie Recipe
  • If your man would like to join ours sometime for an event, check out Mantime!



LoLo and MaeMae Season 1 Trailer

LoLo and MaeMae Season 1 Trailer

August 24, 2019

20 Minutes of Fun for Your Day!!!

Authors and Speakers Logan Wolfram (LoLo) and Sarah Mae (MaeMae) became internet friends when it was still weird to say so out loud. Over the years that friendship has turned epic and real-life and in this podcast they'll draw random topics out of a hat and dish about all the things: life, faith, family, parenting, food, dreams, and all the ridiculous things in between that make friendships for real. It's random, it's fun, and it's short enough to keep you company in the carline!

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