The MisAdventures of LoLo and MaeMae

Doritos, Pull-ups, Whoopie Pies, and the Amish – Season 1, Episode 6

October 9, 2019

Lo and Mae hilariously reminisce in this episode about LoLo’s first visit to see MaeMae in Pennsylvania and her subsequent dashed perceptions of Amish Country. It didn’t go as she had planned in her mind, and as you’ll see, she still bears the trauma of the realization that things aren’t always as they seem. The girls also share some favorite musical choices (as well as a killer LoLo & MaeMae Spotify playlist made just for you) and laugh about a bunch of other random things as always!

And in case you never wondered before, the girls have some additional useless information for you like:

  • How to make your toenails look more marvelous than normal
  • If you’ve ever wanted your own set of Joanna Gaines style barn doors, Mae’s husband @jhcraftsman on IG can make them for you!
  • How sometimes the best way to maintain a friendship is to say goodbye
  • Why whoopie pies will always make the girls a little nervous
  • Some of Lo’s favorite bands – Mandolin Orange, The Civil Wars
  • And a super fun music festival Lo goes to annually called Merlefest (you should come and we can all hang out!) 

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