The MisAdventures of LoLo and MaeMae

Did You Take Your Meds? (Also, Clean Your Friends’ Kitchen)– Season 1, Episode 5

October 2, 2019

Episode 5: Did you take your meds? (Also, clean your friends’ kitchen)– Season 1, Episode 5


In this episode LoLo tries her very hardest to put MaeMae into a good mood. Mae wants to stay in bed all day, but Lo forces her to podcast regardless of her feelings! Leave it to LoLo (and some meds) to drag Mae out of a bad mood and into the fun zone! But for real, today the girls tackle some legit real things like depression, anxiety, and obviously also golden temporary tattoos.


Things you need to know this week and beyond :


  • Where you can snag LoLo’s favorite golden temporary tattoos - HERE
  • Some ways to crawl into the trenches with friends suffering from anxiety and depression so they don’t get lonesome fighting battles on their own
  • You NEED MaeMae’s new book – The Complicated Heart – like for real, you’ll read it in a day. It is sooo good.
  • One of the weirdest Amazon products ever – (that LoLo’s husband actually wanted to buy and the HILARIOUS reviews that has the girls in hysterics)
    • Send us your hilarious products and you’ll be entered to win signed copies of each of our books!
  • It’s hard to find LoLo’s book anymore – long story that you can hear more about on Mae’s other podcast, The Complicated Heart, HERE, but if you are interested in snagging it, try Amazon or listen to Lo read it for free on Audible.
  • The best kitchen cleaning advice from the FlyLady!
  • An easy and delish recipe for Taco Soup:
    • You need: 2 lbs ground beef (or turkey), 2 med onions, 3 cans diced tomatoes, 2 cans rotele tomatoes, 2 cans white corn, 1 can pinto beans, 2 cans black beans, 1 can light kidney beans, 2 pkgs taco seasoning, 2 pkgs dry ranch seasoning
    • Brown meat and onions, dump all the cans and seasonings into the pot and bring up to a simmer. Let simmer (stirring and scraping the bottom so it doesn't burn) for 3-4 hours. Serve topped with fritos, sour cream, and cheese. YOU ARE WELCOME!

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